ARCH KIOSK / by Kenneth Tan


A fun project for the Team, the Archkiosk was a submission for a competition organized by City Hall. The requirement was simply to create and produce a kiosk motivated by green design.

We decided to reverse the relationship between manmade vs nature made elements by having purely industrial materials and re-purposed building products to help set the stage for live plants to be displayed. Archkiosk is made up of several blocks of steel rebars frames covered in re-purposed plastic drain cells and (industrial packing) PVC strips. The shapes can be rearranged and the Archkiosk becomes a convertible picnic table with seats and bicycle stand!


Further enhancing the message of the Archkiosk as a people/nature friendly product, Team KTDA collaborated with the Free Tree Society, who “take seeds, sprout them, look after the seedlings, then give away healthy plants to the public for free on environmental holidays.” The Archkiosk was a display stand for tropical plants on the day of the City Hall exhibition, and at the end of the day, all plants on display had been given to visitors to bring home to grow in their own garden.

PVC strips were woven together after the authentic pattern of Sabah’s native “anyaman” to make the covering. The material and method of uniting them was found to produce an attractive texture as well as a sturdy surface that could be used both for tables and seating.

Although not recognized as a winner, quality was found not only in this outdoor furniture product, but also in the united and jolly efforts of the Team.