The Woven Basket by Kenneth Tan


The Woven Basket


The woven basket, or "anyaman" in our local language, is a favourite craft traditionally used to produce a variety of handy items. Leaves are inter-crossed and wound to make a holder or container of some sort. We've found it to have a wonderful personality, with the use of metal or aluminium "leaves", for use as a surface on custom-made furniture. The possibilities are endless.


Light & Air by Kenneth Tan


Light & Air

The power of natural light and air isn't something that we can avoid. It pervades all our ideas, designs and projects. We need enough of it to conserve energy, but we also don't need too much of it. We drive it up the wall through passive design such as in the Tree Cube building, we push it through the wall in the Maya @ Likas project, and of course, we even try to keep it out of the wall when it becomes too insistent by using diffusion. It's a love-hate relationship.


Serious Fun by Kenneth Tan


Serious Fun

We love fun. It toys with us, cracks us up when we're being too serious. We love crazy fun ideas. We seriously love fun. And this doesn't really help when someone is trying to be serious about a design. And it shows. Holes in lounge spaces for the kids to run through. Swings smack in the middle of a walk-way. Pieces of equipment hiding and surprising amongst bushes. The oddball character on walls in a teacher-parent room. How serious are we?


Water & Lines by Kenneth Tan


Water & Lines


Water isn't just something we drink, clean with or swim in. Water is a tool; it bends light and shadows, it cools and can produce energy. Painted shapes or lines in a swimming pool gives the Pool Area more texture and character, especially when seen from above, as in found in the Maya @ Likas residences.