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Creating a living environment that goes beyond the comfort of your own private space.

Maya Residence is a high-rise residential condominium with a total of 483 units surrounded by beautifully designed structures to create the ideal environment for people to strengthen their relationship with their own family members and also neighbours. Additionally, the three residential blocks have built-in connectors that can be utilized to suit various leisure and activity pursuits.

At ground level is the Guard House that provides security for residents to live, play and connect. Within the gated and guarded compound is a designed jogging track to encourage the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle where exercise and social interactions with neighbours take place. The outdoor setting inspires a sense of calm to give the body and mind a chance to reconnect and recharge. As an individual and a community, the positive energy generated from a well-balanced and active lifestyle is an important factor to stimulate healthy relationships between each other.

The Playhouse are three pyramid shaped shelters located by the poolside to provide cool shade from the sun and a comfortable space for residents to enjoy small gatherings with family and friends. It is a fun and lively venue for entertaining and socializing, from barbeques to birthday parties and other celebrations.

The Tree House is a quieter retreat where spaciousness and tranquility prevails. The three compartments within this space offer a more subtle environment to engage in conversation between friends, family and couples. Gapped wooden slat walls separating the compartments allow enough natural light into the interior to create a tranquil ambience to indulge in more relaxed activities. There are no permanent walls to allow the outside greenery to penetrate into The Tree House for a subtle touch of nature.

The Light House, tucked between the residential towers, takes pride of place with its elevated position offering spectacular panoramic views of the surroundings. Here is the heart of connectivity where each space is designed for the sheer pleasure of sustaining valued relationships with ourselves, our family, friends and neighbours. Sink into one of the restful hammocks for a quiet read by yourself or have a friendly game of snooker with a neighbour or perhaps a bit of light exercise to distress from a hectic day. The floor to ceiling glass windows allows ample amounts of natural light in for a bright and airy atmosphere by day, turning into a warm cozy ambience by night. Step out onto the deck and enjoy the changing colours of the sky from sunrise to sunset.

Maya Residence epitomizes the deep human connection we treasure with our loved ones and the community we live to sustain a life filled with meaning and purpose.